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Become an Analyst

Our incoming analyst program is educational, intellectually engaging and rewarding. We're looking for people with a genuine interest in financial markets, a passion for learning and the ambition to play a key role in driving the company forwards in the long-term. 

What you'll learn

The comprehensive training program includes in-depth teaching of:

  • Introduction to technical analysis

  • Support and resistance

  • Trend and phase analysis

  • Volume action

  • Oscillators and divergences

  • Trendlines and angular symmetry

  • Fibonacci retracements and extensions

  • Chart patterns

  • Pitchforks

  • Moving averages

  • Candlestick patterns

  • Time axis analysis

  • Basic Elliott wave theory

  • The concept of confluence


  • Advanced training in financial analysis

  • Gain experience in the financial industry

  • One-to-one mentoring to support your development as an analyst

  • Free access to QR+ (worth £900/year)*

  • Potential to move into senior management roles in the future

  • Work with likeminded people to help retail traders on their journeys

*QR+ will launch later in 2021

The role

The analyst role is all about producing valuable and digestible content for readers. Analysts are expected to publish a minimum of three short articles per week and keep up with the education program during the initial training period. 


Experience in financial analysis is not required. However, there are some qualities you'll need:

  • Excellent comprehension of English and strong writing ability

  • Passion for learning 

  • Strong belief in the company's mission

  • Willingness to work with others

  • Time commitment to keep up with the training and produce 2/3 short articles per week


The training program will begin in the week commencing October 18th and last for six weeks. There will typically be two hour-long group zooms per week.


To apply to be an analyst, fill in the form below. Thank you for your application! We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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