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Join The Team!

We're always eager to work with new talent! Anyone who's as passionate as us about improving the standard and accessibility of financial research and education is encouraged to apply. We offer unrivalled training, one-to-one mentoring and access to our premium analysis (worth £900/year) for free to our team members so that they are equipped to develop their skills. Quantium Research is still a young company with infinite potential, and we invite anyone with the drive, ambition and passion to come on this journey with us!

How it Works



Apply by selecting a role below and following the steps to complete the form so we can learn a little bit about you. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible to arrange a call or video chat to find out more about you and to answer any questions you may have. If volumes of applications are especially high, we may be unable to schedule calls with all applicants in some circumstances, but we will always endeavour to do so where possible. 


Training Period

If we can, we'll invite you to participate in a temporary program of working with us. This usually, but depending on the role, will last about 4-6 weeks and involve a lot of training and one-to-one mentoring. You'll be gaining skills and experience of how our company works, while contributing to our mission of democratising quality financial market education and research. You'll get to know and work with likeminded people in a positive and collaborative environment.


More Permanent Position

If you enjoyed the training period and wish to continue working with, we may offer the opportunity to work with us on a more permanent basis. You would receive ongoing training and have the potential to eventually move into leadership positions including senior management roles. Those who stay with us will play an integral part in achieving our goals and will share in the growth and success of the company.

We're Recruiting For:

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Become proficient in high-level analysis by going through our comprehensive training course. Learn to produce analysis of the highest quality and be a part of a team keeping our readers informed by publishing coverage of major financial markets all over the world. 

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Apply your knowledge of computer programming to help us develop proprietary analysis systems to transform the research and education made available and accessible to private investors and retail traders. We'll teach you everything you need to know about finance.

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